The Feng Shui of Plants in the Home

While certain plants may look quite pretty they can still be very inauspicious within your home. Read this article to learn more.

While certain plants will definitely bring good luck into your home, others are quite inauspicious. Here are some examples of such inauspicious plants.

You should avoid planting cactus plants within your home or office. No matter how pretty the blooms may look, they cannot compensate for the bad energy that is created by the plants’ deadly thorns which create poisonous energy. Such energy will, over time, cause illness, misfortune, and loss.

If you really want to keep a cactus plant, then keep it outside where it will take on the symbolic role of a sentinel protector. These thorns will then effectively serve to counter any Shar Chi (KILLING BREATH) that may be attempting to enter your home or office.

Bonsai plants are also quite inauspicious since they represent stunted growth. (By the term Bonsai plant I am referring to the wide variety of large trees that have been artificially stunted over numerous years with a great deal of money. I do not mean artistically pruned shrubbery and plants since these actually bring a large amount of good energy to your home.)

Genuine Bonsai plants are very valuable. Nevertheless, they still are not good Feng Shui since they signify blockage to both your growth and your business or job. If you simply cannot resist having a Bonsai tree, then you should place it in the Northern corner of your home where it will cause the least amount of harm. You should especially avoid placing these plants in the wood corners of your home and garden (the East or the South-East).

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