How to Become a Landscaper: The Ultimate Guide

After analysing your business ideas, you have decided to become a landscaper. Wise decision!

Today, landscaping has become a lucrative business. In fact, people are leaving what were once ‘great’ careers to join the landscaping bandwagon.

When you choose to get into this industry, you need to know that you are getting yourself into a competitive world. To gain an edge, therefore, you need to develop tactics that will help you stand out. This includes knowing what you are required to have to become a trusted brand.

To simplify your journey of becoming the best landscaper in your neighbourhood, below are some things you should know:

Get a high school diploma

Well, to become a landscaper, you need to love digging into the dirt, and have a talent to convert an idea into a reality. Having formal education is not necessary. Nonetheless, clients will trust you more of you have some form of education. Therefore, endeavour to get at least a high school diploma, and further your education while on the job.

Understand what landscaping entails

Factually, you cannot become a landscaper if you don’t know what the job is all about. You need to understand the conditions, resources, tools, and the latest practices you need to employ to stand out of the competition. Basically, you responsibilities as a landscaper will include;

  • Creating bid plans and budgets
  • Meeting clients to discuss projects and close deals
  • Planning and working with garden architects and landscape designers
  • Preparing outdoor grounds
  • Turf lawns
  • Planting new plants
  • Installing features such as water fountains, pathways, pavers, and rock gardens
  • Using water and rock borders to construct gardens
  • Installing hydraulic irrigation systems

Find a focus

If you create a landscaping company, you can become a Jack of all trades. However, while starting, you need to choose what you want to do. There are various things you can focus on which include;

  • Landscaper
  • Landscaping designer
  • Garden architect
  • Groundskeeper
  • Maintenance worker

Simply look at what you are passionate about and capitalize on it. With time, you can bring in more professionals, and become a full-service landscaping expert.

Develop the skills needed

Landscaping is a business like any other. You will not succeed in it if you don’t choose to learn and acquire a host of skills that include;

  • People management skills
  • Social skills
  • Communication skills
  • Complex problem solving skills
  • Research skills
  • Gardening skills
  • Negotiation skills

And many more!

Have a curious mind

The gardening arena keeps changing every day. To achieve maximum success and gain client trust, you need to keep up with the trends. Therefore, endeavour to have a curious mind. Check the internet for new garden designs, and try them on the ground, when a client comes to you with an idea, don’t pretend to be the know-it-all. Instead, give him a keen ear, and endeavour to deliver his unique needs. This is how you acquire new knowledge and become the best there is in the modern market.

Finally, endeavour to get formal education. Even if you are a terrific and talented landscaper, clients will trust you more if you can provide a certificate that proves you have gone through formal education. Therefore, choose a reputable institution of higher learning and take a program in landscape design, horticulture, or any related field.

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