How to Become a Landscaper: The Ultimate Guide

After analysing your business ideas, you have decided to become a landscaper. Wise decision!

Today, landscaping has become a lucrative business. In fact, people are leaving what were once ‘great’ careers to join the landscaping bandwagon.

When you choose to get into this industry, you need to know that you are getting yourself into a competitive world. To gain an edge, therefore, you need to develop tactics that will help you stand out. This includes knowing what you are required to have to become a trusted brand.

To simplify your journey of becoming the best landscaper in your neighbourhood, below are some things you should know:

Get a high school diploma

Well, to become a landscaper, you need to love digging into the dirt, and have a talent to convert an idea into a reality.

Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening

Most homeowners take pride in their gardens. They treat them as green havens where they can enjoy the smell of fresh flowers and get some fresh air as they unwind on an array of issues.

Also, beautiful gardens enhance the curb appeal of a home, and can significantly increase a property’s resale value.

What you might not know is that gardening in itself comes with a variety of health benefits. They include;

Burn calories

Depending on what you do, how you do it, and how long you engage in it, gardening can be a hard workout. According to multiple studies, gardening for one hours can help you burn over 300 calories.

4 Common Gardening Myths Exposed


As a Gardener, where did you learn about plants? Well, you probably got the skills form your parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, who wasn’t afraid to did in the dirt. Maybe, you were motivated by the bountiful vegie patches and perennial borders to learn this art. Certainly, you are doing many things right, and this is why over the years, you have been able to create some of the best gardens in your neighbourhood.

Nonetheless, there are some things you believe you are doing right, while in the real sense, they are just myths that aren’t worth your time. Some of the popular beliefs include;

#1 Burying banana peels give lots of potassium to roses

You have probably heard this, and this is why every week, you rush to the grocery store and buy bananas in bulk.

Fundamental Garden Care Tips For Property Owners


Trying to keep the lawn healthy and effectively-managed is a single of the great joys of most homeowners. Landscaping it is even much more appealing and stylish, since you are able to display the world the beauty of your garden and surrounding paths. It is less complicated stated than accomplished, but the most important point is it can be accomplished through patience and hard perform.. Before getting into the a lot more advanced process of preserving your lawn, permit us initial search at the simple needs and necessities of your lawn.

It might It is less complicated stated than accomplished, but the most important point is it can be accomplished through patience and hard perform.

Top 5 Strategies To Protect Your Plants From The Cold This Wintertime

If you have the space for it in your yard and you get pleasure from the elegance and peacefulness of vegetation, then possibilities are you currently have a lovely flower backyard. Or, possibly expanding flowers in your backyard is portion of your concept of producing a stunning landscape. Probably you made a decision to modify your life style and eat more healthy, a feat that cannot be really achieved until you grow your own vegetable backyard garden. Who understands, it could be that gardening is your recently identified pastime that you are unable to get sufficient off. Irrespective of the factors why you made a decision to have a flower or vegetable backyard garden, it is critical to shield the crops from the minimal temperatures, frost and snow this wintertime.

Why Grow Bag are Best for Developing Tomatoes at Home

Planting a vegetable garden can be equally a fulfilling and annoying experience. Tomatoes in specific are some of the most well-liked greens to grow at home. Even though there are some various views as to which approach of planting is greatest for optimum tomato growth, the results are normally always the identical irrespective of the variety of planting. Historically, tomatoes are both grow in a yard with other crops, or they are developed in ceramic pots, with vents at the base for excess drinking water to drain out. More modern innovative techniques produced for increasing tomatoes at residence consist of developing them upside down by employing paint buckets, or by increasing them in "develop bags".

How to Stamp Concrete


If you want to know how to stamp concrete, let me start by saying that this is a skilled trade. Most concrete contractors don't know how to do it correctly. It requires a whole different set of knowledge and skills aside from normal placing and finishing of concrete.. I would never recommend attempting a stamping project on a large scale without any previous experience. The most any do-it-youselfer should attempt at once is 50-100 sq ft. It requires a whole different set of knowledge and skills aside from normal placing and finishing of concrete. I would never recommend attempting a stamping project on a large scale without any previous experience.

The smaller the amount of concrete pour means the quicker you can place it, which allows more time work with it and finish it. Knowing how to stamp concrete is a "learn as you go" process

Hort Report – by Leslie Crawford

October is one of our busiest months in the garden. The weather has cooled down, making garden time pleasant again, and days are still long enough to enjoy some afternoon time outside. We need to continue on from September’s work to get our gardens cleaned up and planted. Garden Prep: A thorough garden cleanout is a good way to look things over. It also helps to reduce insect problems because they won’t have plant debris to nibble on. After you clean out, turn the soil and continue to be aggressive about weeding. Add composted material or planting mix and all-purpose plant food and turn the soil again to dig in deep.

Master Gardeners Will Accept Applications For The First Time In Two Years

Dedicated gardeners, who are willing to volunteer in exchange for expert training, can apply for a series of classes which will begin in January. Applications will be provided at an orientation meeting on Tuesday, September 1 from 10 am to noon in the Balboa Park War Memorial building. To receive a letter with directions to the meeting site visit and add your name to the mailing list or call the MG office at 858-694-2860 on week days from 9 am to 3 pm. Don’t be put off by the title. Master Gardener doesn’t mean genius gardener. MGs are equal parts experienced gardener, generous volunteer and lifelong learner.

The Feng Shui of Plants in the Home

While certain plants may look quite pretty they can still be very inauspicious within your home. Read this article to learn more. While certain plants will definitely bring good luck into your home, others are quite inauspicious. Here are some examples of such inauspicious plants. You should avoid planting cactus plants within your home or office. No matter how pretty the blooms may look, they cannot compensate for the bad energy that is created by the plants' deadly thorns which create poisonous energy. Such energy will, over time, cause illness, misfortune, and loss. If you really want to keep a cactus plant, then keep it outside where it will take on the symbolic role of a sentinel protector.